Sky News reporting on the Tsunami that hit Japan

Tsunami Facts and Figures

A tsunami is displacement of  substantial volume of water causing “walls of water”  in the ocean that reach heights of 100 feet (30 meters) and can span

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2004 Boxing Day Tsunami

Tsunami 2004 Facts and Figures

This deadliest tsunami 2004 caused by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, killing more than 250,000  people in a single day is the most devastating

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Tsunami 2004 News Archives

Indian Ocean tsunami 2004 news archives from various news, rehabilitation and charity organisations to get an understanding of this

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Image: LULO

Tsunami 2004 Survivor Stories

Hundreds of thousands of people witnesses experienced and survived the Asian tsunami 2004. Here are some of the incredible tsunami 2004

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Tsunami 2004

Asian tsunami 2004 Videos

Links to the devastating Boxing day tsunami 2004 videos from various sources

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Asian Tsunami 2004 Photos

 Tsunami 2004 photos and satellite images from various sources

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Tsunami 2004 Relief Updates

The sheer destruction caused by the Asian Tsunami 2004 event mark it as the most devastating of its kind in modern times causing

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Tsunami Reference Resources

Tsunami references and resources including teaching materials, student activities, films etc for further reading and understanding of the

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Tsunami 2004 Ecological Impact

  Ecological impact of the Asian tsunami 2004 will take a long time and significant resources to assess and regenerate. Hours before the Indian

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Tsunami 2004 Lessons Learned

Tsunami is an ever-present and real threat for the these islands of the Indian Ocean due to the presence of a tectonic interactive plate. Lessons

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Arko Datta_Reuters

Tsunami Trauma Management

Impact of Asian/Indian ocean tsunami 2004 on mental health. Rebuilding the shattered lives and minds of the people who lost friends, family,

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Udo Weitz_EPA

Tsunami 2004 Health Impact

Ttsunamis like the Asian tsunami 2004 can have serious public health consequences. There are few resources in the tsunami health impacts

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Tsunami Preparedness

Millions of people around the world live in areas at risk for tsunamis, such as Japan, Hawaii, Alaska, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and India.

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Tsunami 2004 Maps

Tsunami 2004 maps and animations highlighting the origin and spread over 18 countries traveling 375 miles (600 km) in a mere 75 min

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Tsunami Specialist Institutions

Links to tsunami specialist institutions involved in tsunamis studies.

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