Tsunami Facts and Figures

A tsunami is displacement of  substantial volume of water causing “walls of water”  in the ocean

Tsunami 2004 Facts and Figures

This deadliest tsunami 2004 caused by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, killing more than 250,000 

Tsunami 2004 News Archives

Indian Ocean tsunami 2004 news archives from various news, rehabilitation and charity

Tsunami 2004 Survivor Stories

Hundreds of thousands of people witnesses experienced and survived the Asian tsunami 2004.

Asian tsunami 2004 Videos

Links to the devastating Boxing day tsunami 2004 videos from various sources

Asian Tsunami 2004 Photos

 Tsunami 2004 photos and satellite images from various sources

Tsunami 2004 Relief Updates

The sheer destruction caused by the Asian Tsunami 2004 event mark it as the most devastating of

Tsunami Reference Resources

Tsunami references and resources including teaching materials, student activities, films etc for further reading and understanding of the

Tsunami 2004 Ecological Impact

  Ecological impact of the Asian tsunami 2004 will take a long time and significant resources to assess

Tsunami 2004 Lessons Learned

Tsunami is an ever-present and real threat for the these islands of the Indian Ocean due to the

Tsunami Trauma Management

Impact of Asian/Indian ocean tsunami 2004 on mental health. Rebuilding the shattered lives and

Tsunami 2004 Health Impact

Ttsunamis like the Asian tsunami 2004 can have serious public health consequences. There are few

Tsunami Preparedness

Millions of people around the world live in areas at risk for tsunamis, such as Japan, Hawaii, Alaska,

Tsunami 2004 Maps

Tsunami 2004 maps and animations highlighting the origin and spread over 18 countries

Tsunami Specialist Institutions

Links to tsunami specialist institutions involved in tsunamis studies.